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more forgotten business...

I forgot to mention that my case of passion fruit Japanese Kit-Kats were wrapped in pages of The Japan Times.Though they were crumpled up(and are still kinda that way even after unfolding/flattening them),I still have them...^^;;;

Last night,I managed to listen to Masami Okui's S-mode #2(KICS-1068~9).I did it before even listening to Ma-King and Her Day(neither of which I've listened to,yet),but the single versions on S-mode #2 aren't necessarily the same ones as the Ma-King and Her Day versions of the same song(s)(just by checking the song listings on all 3 albums)...

Finally,whoever runs Anime Avatar Land is a true baka:If he/she doesn't want anyone hotlinking to images on the site,then why do the .gif/.jpg images register as those annoying .bmp ones when you try to upload them to your disk or hard drive?There's a couple of good Furuba rat avatars I like!
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