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Best Buy special sale...

Well,I've now caught up with all the region 1 bilingual Godzilla DVD releases to date(two new volumes were released earlier in the year).I've also nabbed Parumu no Ki(Kappei-sama,Akiko Hiramatsu,Mika Kanai,and NO bad seiyuu),and I never expected the original Burn Up!(the impulse buy of the trip)to ever come out on region 1 DVD.Haven't watched it yet,but I have seen a small smidget of Burn Up Excess that was featured on a demo disk that was part of the Mamono Hunter Yohko compilation...

Yesterday,my 10-pack case of passion-fruit flavored Japanese Kit-Kats arrived.Haven't had any of it yet,but why do I feel a very slight urge to want to send a pack or two to someone(once my cases of matcha and white chocolate varieties arrive)? ^^;;;
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