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It took me a few months to find out,but...

It turns out when that G Gundam double CD arrived back on Columbus Day,it was heavily wrapped in a piece of Japanese newspaper(which I've still retained).Even though many of the ads suggested that it was based out of Nagoya,the clues were still rather limited.However I knew that the first character was read as "chuu" which is usually associated either with the Nagoya metro region(which is often known as the Chuubu or Chuukyou area) or even in Japanese,mainland China.Then last week,by accident,I found a an English Wikipedia article about The Chunichi Shimbun which is the daily newspaper for the Nagoya metro district.I grabbed that single page that I had and compared the title letterhead to the kanji that was both on the article and on the newspaper's homepage,and it matched both times.Mystery solved.IIRC,the package was mailed from Aichi prefecture...

Believe it or not,while she's voiced her share of undesirable anime characters(i.e.,Kiki-ho),I wouldn't be scared at all if Noriko Hidaka were ever to make a North American anime-con appearance...

BTW,I just ordered a 10-pack case of matcha-flavored Kit-Kats(made in Japan,of course)from an eBay Buy It Now listing courtesy of J-list...
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