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I gotta order some Japanese t-shirts from them one of these days...

Turns out the eBay seller I won bilingual Chobits manga volume 1 from has an e-shopping site independent of eBay that has a lot a Japan-related goodies,even Japanese snacks.In fact,I've ordered a 14-count package of the limited edition KitKat Gold from them.They even have a lot of novelty "Japanese" T-shirts(i.e.,"Beware of Perverts,""You must be 20 Years Old to Purchase Tobacco and Alcohol," etc.),as well as anime novelty items...

Speaking of imported Nestlé-made KitKats,it's not uncommon for Canadian-made KitKats(individual packs or cases)to be offered on eBay(more commonly than not as Buy It Now listings).I seriously have the urge to order a case or two...

I've finally linked to Luv-beam.net on my Ranma romance site;and for some reason,I put it on the opening page rather than on the anime links section...

The only "white flag" that I swear allegiance to has a big red dot in the middle of it;and IMHO,I don't stalk any particular LJ's other than my own...
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