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Whether I re-install AOL Instant Messenger is anyone's guess,but...

I have re-installed Yahoo! Messenger(jigglypuff6612 is my Yahoo! username),even though no one seems to use it.I could also re-install AIM,but there could be possible spyware issues associated with it,as evidenced by an upgrade performed on my old comp just before it started going down the toilet(I'm not taking any chances.)...

Last weekend,I had the urge to buy a spare travel electric razor(a fairly cheap one)at an Oriental food shop near my house,simply because it was made in Japan...^^;;;

Speaking of Japan,I usually don't give individual seiyuu "nicknames," except for Kappei-sama obviously...

Maybe it's because that I'm so used to it that I've never traveled outside of it,but am I the only one that never wants live outside of the Pacific Time Zone(that is,unless I'm ever luck to live in Japan,of course)?

Oh,and speaking of Kappei-sama,I'm bidding on yet another Twinbee Paradise music CD...
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