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TGFE(Thank goodness for eBay),part 1 of ∞

Maybe because my Flasher V7 is a fairly new offering,but the Audiovox 8910-compatible leather cases I've seen at many Sacramento-area cell-phone dealers(the ones I've been in,at least)aren't made for this Virgin Mobile variant.So I ended up purchasing one via a Buy It Now eBay listing...

My take on the blockbuster Chris Webber trade(he and 2 reserves going to the Philadelphia Sickers for 3 players including Corliss Williamson who returns to the team he began his NBA career with):While his stats will be missed,he has polarized some loyal Kings fans with his tainting of the team's chemistry;not just with last season's post-All-Star-Break slump that coincided with his return,but also with his off-season comments suggesting that he should be the only "leader" of the team(the same comments that caused Peja Stojakovic demand a trade,though it could now be retracted).With this trade,the Kings clearly are moving from a superstar-driven philosophy to clearly a true team-driven one as evidenced by the NFL's New England Patriots...

yachinami,you do deserve to live.Trust me...
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