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Though not in the matter I intended...

Friday,I dropped by Sam Goody before work.Turns out the store staff had either been clueless or deceptive on the sale pricing on the Vox 8610:It ended on Monday,and I sorely wanted to save money and earn triple Replay points at the same time. So I called Tarjay during a work break(i know the phone number by heart,since my sister works there).This(make that last)week's ad featured a free $25 gift card with the purchase of a Flasher V7($170 regular price).Though only one was in stock on Monday(I browsed in there after work that day),the electronics department employee told me last night that they received several more in stock.Sure enough,when I skipped by before work yesterday,there were plenty in stock.I wasted no time buying one.Not only is this a flip camera phone,it has even more features that my now-out-of-warranty K7 Rave is sorely lacking(full color screen,external caller ID display,speakerphone,etc.).If not tomorrow morning(before leaving for work),I hope to switch my account over to the new phone within the next couple of days...

Though anime-related thoughts are in my head 24/7,I don't get distracted or clumsy on the job that easily...

For some reason,why do I think that Sakura Tange and Michie Tomizawa retired from seiyuudom way too soon?
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