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The comp's gone plumb loco again x.x;;;

Last night,after playing some .wav files,a message popped up saying that my RealPlayer was out of date.I downloaded the update;and when installing,it stalled and I had to CTRL+ALT+DELETE to abort.Now,it's feeling the side effects:Occasionally,though the mouse cursor doesn't freeze,the rest of the screen does;and upon doing a CTRL+ALT+DELETE,it reveals that the RealPlayer has crashed even when not in use.Once I "End Task" on the program,the comp goes back to normal,but sometimes I'll have to repeat the cycle.Not much rebooting,but it's still a nuisance...

Well,not surprisingly,the No Hockey League officially became the first ever North American pro-sports league to lose a whole season to a labor dispute.Even then,the non-existant chances of even a 28-game season being salvaged are thankfully still better than the chances of my wireless phone anime-related text messages from LJ users.The fact that no one has taken advantage of that feature(fixed over the weekend)may be a blessing in disguise for yours truly...

Back to the hockey season being wiped out,that means the Los Angeles Queens will have 0 wins this season,which will thankfully be at least 33 fewer than my beloved NBA Kings.Even baseball's work stoppages have been more spread out...

Speaking of baseball,if José Cansicko was really smart,he would be picking on incompetent NBA officials rather than accuse every other active or retired pro baseball player of being juiced.At least Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire didn't have fly balls bounce off their heads and over the outfield walls in fair territory for home runs...

Speaking of sports,Sony has suddenly made me jealous:The loaded launch game lineup for the forthcoming PSP includes FIFA Soccer,MVP Baseball,and NBA Basketball.Worse,there has not been a NBA-licensed game ever for the GBA or the DS,unless you count either Backyard Basketball or NBA Jam.At least next month features an onslaught of new DS games...

For some reason why do I consider The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati(the novelty hit song by Rose and the Arrangement) the likely theme song for Anime Overdose 2005 even though it'll be held in San Francisco?

yachinami,though I don't have an MP3 player to listen to it,you singing can't be that bad.In fact,it's automatically better than that of the one who sang the opening theme in Sakura Taisen OVA 2 episode 4(the episode Kappei-sama was in);and pretty please don't check your G-mail...
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