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80 minutes left,thank goodness...

Personally,I don't consider Valentine's Day an important holiday myself.I've never been in love or been in a serious relationship,and actually consider myself lucky because of it.IMHO,many of the people(I'm going gender-neutral in this sense,but I'm 100% straight.)I see out in public(especially shoppers at my workplace and/or strangers on the city buses)noticeably lack substance(never mind style).I don't plan to look for a girlfriend anytime soon,and any potential one most likely will have to be an otaku like myself.Even then,I don't ever plan to use that online anime fans-matchmaking service.Not to mention that I've skipped V-day shopping for at least the past 2 years...

Besides,to me,May 23rd is a more important day than February 14.As long as The Great One spends this day with an "angel..."
Tags: anime, rl, seiyuu
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