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Damn you, Walgreens...

For about the same price I paid for my Eye Q Duo 2000 2-megapixel digital camera when it was on sale at my store,Walgreens has a 3-megapixel Polaroid digital camera featured in this week's circular and it uses SD cards just like my digital camera.My digital camera is adequate,but some of the close-up pics I've taken on it do seem to come out crappy;and if my store does carry 3-megapixel models,they never seem to be in stock...

Also,if you thought Kodansha had a bad habit of not completing bilingual serializations of select manga titles(AMG,CCS,GTO,etc.),it doesn't look like the second volume of bilingual Fruits Basket will be coming out anytime soon...
Tags: aa!megamisama, ccs, digital photography, japanese language, mahou kishi rayearth, manga
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