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Nihonjin kanojo boshu-chu...NOT!!!!
100% true statement...0% denial statement
I saw it coming,and likely wasn't the only one... 
2nd-Feb-2005 11:02 pm
It's official:Ironcat bites it.

IMHO,TOKYOPOP(they already have the Vampire Princess Miyu TV anime) and/or maybe DC Comics' CMX imprint will likely pick up the Narumi Kakinouchi titles.As long as Yuuji-sama and Naomi-kun don't hook up at the end of Code Name Wa Charmer(for obvious reason),all is well...

Also,my comp's equally maligned mouse similarly bit the dust earlier tonight.If it wasn't the direct cause of the frequent crashes,it was at least a major contributing factor.At least this replacement mouse works decently,despite the "different feel" to it...

As of Monday,no sign of the Excel Saga and Peacemaker Kurogane cosplay caps yet;but I did get a used copy of Pokémon Ruby(complete with instructions) at Gamestop.I've tried the game and it works;and I'll probably start capturing multiple specimens of Pokémon species for swapping purposes(I do have 2 GBA's.).

Finally,since it's already tomorrow(the 3rd) in Japan,happy 38th birthday to Maya Okamoto(the voice of Haruka Minato,Soletta Orihime,and others).Considering that she and Kappei-sama have been in a lot of anime together,were bandmates in the Tenmu's seiyuu group,and co-hosted a radio show together in the late 1990's(Anikin Freedom);I seriously wouldn't doubt it if she was married to him...

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