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Since buying a tax program and installing it to my dying comp wasn't worth the risk...

I went and checked out the new Free File service from the IRS.Of course,not quite everyone qualifies;but I did,and I filed through a link co-sponsored by the makers of TurboTax(which I've used the past 6 years).Of course,using the service to e-file your federal return is free,but you may be charged to do likewise for your state return when and where applicable...

I haven't received the February issue yet;but hopefully,the dream I had last night about receiving a new issue of Newtype USA in the mail was just a bad dream:In the dream,the "official art of..." regular section(which spotlights a series by showing character sketches accompanied by infomation including the respective Japanese seiyuu for each character)featured an atrocious OVA that was the first ADV DVD title to feature the infamous Jiggle Counter.Even worse,the seiyuu credit mistranslations featured in the closing credits were not repeated in that section.Hopefully,no bad omen accompanies this;as poor Nichol Hawking-sama deserved better respect...

My take on Super Bowl XXXIX:Even an exceptional effort by McNabb,T.O.,and company may not be enough to deny the NFL's Kraftiest owner(no pun intended) his third Lombardi trophy in 4 seasons...

In case I can't fit in a post tomorrow,happy 22nd birthday,yachinami...^.^
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