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It wasn't major,but it was still an update...

For the first time in several months,I made an update to my Ranma romance site.Though the only new things are a message on the main page about my comp's spyware woes as well as a link new pic of me(wearing my Yuki Sohma ear cap)on my site's personal info page;the update was a major accomplishment considering how this very machine that I'm using is on life support,thanks to all the scumware that installed itself on and can't be removed...

In eBay matters,not only am I bidding on a pair of Masami Okui CD's that are being auctioned together in a single listing,but I also managed to obtain a published-in-Japan-for-Japanese-consumers English dictionary via a Buy It Now listing.Not only that,it's a two way one(both English-Japanese and Japanese-English)which is a rarity on eBay as opposed to one-way ones(only either English-Japanese or Japanese-English)that are too common.Unless I'm missing something,the only Japanese publisher that publishes single volume dictionaries that go both ways(English-Japanese and Japanese-English) in a single volume is Sanseido which publishes the one I just won(Junior Crown)as well as a couple I already own(a 1987 compact Daily Concise one and a late-1960's Gem pocket one,both flea-market finds)...

Finally,Tuesday was the first anniversary of my first ever purchase of a wireless phone.So far,not only have I been on it sporadically;but also,no LJ users have taken advantage of the feature that allows them(when logged in)to text message me from my LJ's info page...yet...
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