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Hopefully,it won't die as soon as the warranty expires...

Last night,I had a a dream that my K7 Rave was ringing when I was on a city bus.Upon answering the call,the wireless phone started doing abnormal things.The one-year limited warranty expires in 9 days;so hopefully,it ain't an omen...

Well,it turns out that my dad has a SD card reader that allows you to view the contents(namely photos from a digital camera)on your PC.I tried it,and viewed all of my photos.For the most part,they've come out decent.Additionally,I rotated the 2 "sideways" photos taken on the camera(one of them a photo of myself wearing my Yuki Sohma ear hat,taken by my sister);and immediately transferred them to a ZIP disk as rotated photos aren't viewable on the camera.Somewhere down the road,I intend to upload all of my photos to my not-yet-in-use Yahoo! Photos account.Upon doing so,I'll post the link to my photos both in an LJ entry and on my LJ's info page...

Speaking of photos posted online:If you're reading this,yachinami,you're arm does not look fat in that one December entry.I'm serious.;)
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