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The industry must be in it infancy...

Until ADV's "cosplay caps" come out at the end of the month,the only non-Furuba ones that I can get are the Di Gi Charat ones that Waldenbooks carries.However,they appear to be oversized,not to mention that I've yet to watch that anime.Speaking of the already-available Fruits Basket cosplay caps,I could get the orange cat one;but it just doesn't seem to be compatible with a calm-tempered Ranma romance and Kappei fan like myself...

I can't wait until the regular(not diet)lime-flavored Coca-Cola comes out...

What a relief that very few voters have selected the "put it in" option on the polls that I posted at seiyuu,ironcatstudios,anime_couples,and yamaguchikappei early last month...

Finally,as it's already tomorrow(the 11th)in Japan,happy 36th birthday to Kyohko Hikami who has already co-starred with Kappei-sama in a lot of voice projects already though she's only been in the industry for not quite a dozen years...
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