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New and old business...

Yesterday,a city bus operator actually complemented my Yuki Sohma rat cap,even though she's an older lady who's never heard of anime.I've been having the urge to wear it a lot lately(especially when on the way to work or on the go),and I'd want to get a Menchi and/or Puchu one once they become available later in the month so I can alternate them to reduce wear and tear...

BTW,I did win that Twinbee Paradise CD I bid on a week or two ago.Also,I did recently receive my Japanese import copy of the real Super Mario Brothers 2(not the U.S. version known in Japan as Super Mario Brothers USA).Thank goodness I've played it previously as part of Super Mario Brothers Deluxe and Super Mario All Stars,because the 3 types of mushrooms are mere palette swaps of each other...
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