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First 2005 post,at last...

First of all,since things never usually go as planned,I don't have any New Year's resolutions and have not had any in years...possibly never at all.If the world hasn't ended once March 7th rolls around,it'll be a huge relief;and I prefer not to say why...

Anyway,I recently had the urge to get myself 2 matching Pokémon games for the GBA:Firered and Leafgreen.I played the latter first;but citing the lack of species variety,I switched to the other one.I've caught about 20 different Pokémon in Firered,and at least a few of them have evolved.So far,I've only caught one of each species in my Pokédex;though I have caught one each of Digglet and Dugtrio.I'll probably start catching multiples once I get a hold of Ruby and/or Sapphire,both of which are also for the GBA.Just before getting Leafgreen and then Firered,I stumbled into a used copy of Sapphire(complete with instructions)and Nintendo Power's official Ruby/Sapphire strategy guide at a used video game shop(an independent operation)not far from my house.Yesterday,I went back there before catching the buses to work;and though someone already bought the game,I still managed to nab the strategy guide.Once I do get Ruby and/or Sapphire,the 2 wireless adapters that each came complementary with Firered and Leafgreen will definitely come in handy.Too bad you can't have multiple saved files at a time.However,since my quest on Leafgreen was mediocre at best(the aforementioned lack of species variety)I just let my sister start a quest on it...

Well,I recently had a batch of decent pictures stored on my digital camera ruined by a glitch that occurred when I was taking a picture of my stack of Megumi Hayashibara CD's a couple of days ago:When I took the picture,the screen suddenly froze;and it stayed that way when I switched it to review mode.Thinking that the batteries were low,I changed them.I turned the camera back on;and when I switched the camera to review mode,it happened again.I took out and re-inserted the batteries,and then took another picture.When I deleted the test picture,it got to the bad file and froze up again.Upon repeating the battery removal/re-insertion process,I turned on the camera and took another picture.Then,while I didn't want to resort to doing so,I did a format deletion of all pictures stored.I have been able to re-photograph most of the object/subjects without re-occurrences of the glitch or other ill effects.Also,a card reader is now hooked up to the comp so in future instances I can try to delete such bad files and salvage good photos at the same time.Just wait until the performance problems are finally solved...
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