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A few last December seiyuu birthday shoutouts...

Since there's still 11½ hours to do so,happy birthday to three seiyuu who share a birthday today:Kazusa Murai(who turns 29 and voiced Saki Sawanoguchi in the Mahou Tsukai Tai! TV series),Machiko Toyoshima(who turns 33,but I'm not familiar with recognition wise as I've only heard a minor role of hers in the Twinbee Paradise audio drama),and Megumi Tano who voiced a couple of characters in Ayane's High Kick.There seems to be confusion as to how old the latter seiyuu is:ANN says she was born in 1962,while Hitoshi Doi lists a 1968 birth year.If the latter source is correct,she would be the only seiyuu born in December of 1968.For some reason,I've been wishing happy birthday to just about any seiyuu born in December.I could have done it for Satomi Koorogi when hers came up earlier in the month,but there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what year she was born:Hitoshi Doi says she was born in 1962,her Japanese wikipedia article lists a 1965 birth year,while a couple sources say 1966.Oh,well...

Yesterday,I had the urge to get the DS version of Madden 2005;and somehow,I like it a lot better than the rather basic GBA version...

Finally,according to the newest issue of Newtype USA,even corporate cousin ADV Toys is entering the "cosplay cap" fooray:If I can find them,I'll get the Menchi and/or Puchu ones.There's also gonna be a Saizou one,too...
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