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I wanted to get it done a bit quicker,but...

I finally finished my Christmas shopping yesterday.I would've finished last week if I wasn't "sidetracked" at Toys-R-Us.^^;; Thank goodness I only have to shop for 3 people...

Speaking of the DS,I did get myself Asphalt Urban GT.In the quick race mode;I went from worst in the Paris race to first in the NYC(lower Manhattan)race.

On the GBA,I nabbed a Japanese copy of Super Mario Brothers:The Lost Levels on eBay via Buy it Now;and hopefully the stupor mushrooms are easy to distinguish and avoid.If only there was a way to beat Marilith in Mount Gulg in Final Fantasy I and II:Dawn of Souls...

Finally,since there's still a couple of hours left,happy birthday to 2 seiyuu:Miwa Matsumoto(who turns 33 and voiced Jamapi in Wedding Peach)and Haruna Ikezawa(who turns 29 and is the only seiyuu that I know of that was born in Europe)...

Tags: anime, kurisumasu, nintendo ds, rl, seiyuu, video games
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