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Nintendo's DS:A global system?

Though certain games might be specific to North America,Japan,and Europe;it appears that the Nintendo DS may designed to be used anywhere around the world.I tried a shutdown/startup in each of the unit's 6 languages(English,French,Spanish,German,Italian,and Japanese).On the opening screen for each of the 5 European languages(including English),the safety warning screen listed an web addy for a section on Nintendo's U.S. site.The Japanese warnings screen had an addy for the same section on Nintendo's Japan site.Hopefully,it'll mean switchable language voiceover options on games that feature voice acting(as in being able to hear Japanese seiyuu while playing domestic DS games)...

As for Super Mario 64,I've hit a brick wall after the first level.I somehow have a serious urge a second DS game,preferrably the world racing game Asphalt Urban GT...

There's even some DS games planned for next year:I'd sure love to get a hold of Super Mario Brothers DS(which could either be an enhanced remake of a past installment or a completely new adventure) or Final Fantasy III(which will be available in the U.S. for the first time)when they're released...
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