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Nintendo's DS is love...

Yesterday,before work,I skipped by Toys-R-Us to try to finish my Christmas shopping.I couldn't find the gift(s) I was looking for;but once I skipped over to their "R-zone,"I was in for a pleasant surprise.They had several Nintendo DS display boxes out.Considering that it was unlikely that they'd even be out if the hard-to-find-anywhere portable video game system was sold out(pretty much the case everywhere),I asked a couple employees to make sure.Sure enough,they received a new shipment overnight.Not only that,there was a single copy of Super Mario 64 DS in stock.In all the times I searched since the system debuted,it was the first time a retailer had at least one each of both the game and the DS in stock simultaneously.Knowing it was perhaps my big chance I jumped on it:Not only did I purchase both a DS and the single copy of SM64DS,but I also purchased a protective case and an purchase protection warranty along with them.I charged it up overnight;and today(after getting home from working an opening shift),I gave it a test drive.When you turn one on for the very first time,it asks you to select one of 6 languages(English,French,Spanish,German,Italian,and Japanese).I had the urge to select the last one;and somehow,I managed to figure out the setup steps without even understanding most of the text! ^^;;; I entered my name on it as "ma-i-ku-sa-ma" in hiragana.After completing the setup,I did ultimately change the screen language back to English.I later tried out the Metroid Prime Hunters demo that came with it(not bad),though I've yet to try the SM64.You can even play GBA games on it.Once you're lucky to get a DS,you'll be glad that you did.Trust me:I've even joined nintendo_ds...

Speaking of that particular Toys-R-Us,it's the exact same one where I found my PS2 during that system's early shortages almost some 4 years ago...

Also,since it's already tomorrow in Japan;happy birthday to three seiyuu who share a birthday:Ai Orikasa(who turns 41),Houko Kuwashima(who turns 29),and Sachiko Sugawara(who turns 38).Though the latter hasn't had many voice roles for her age,she did voice Fuei Mei Li(one of Li Shaoran's 4 older sisters) in the first Card Captor Sakura movie...

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