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Seiyuu birthdays,baseball ramblings,etc.

First of all,since 4 hours are left in the calendar day,happy 32nd birthday to Yuuko Miyamura who has voiced characters such as Asuka Langley Souryu,Ayane Matsui,Hinagiku,Aisha Clan Clan,and others...

Also,it's already tomorrow(December 5th) in Japan;and contrary to popular belief,Shizuka Itou(who voiced a supporting character in Maria-sama ga Miteru) is the only seiyuu who was born on that date(happy 24th birthday)...

Though I've never really watched Boy Meets World in any language,I've managed to accidentally find out(from various online sources)that Kappei-sama voiced Cory Matthews(the main protagonist) in the Japanese dub from episode 3 on(Motoko "Li Shaoran" Kumai voiced the character in the first 2 episodes).Additionally,I've also learn that the main female protagonist(Topanga Lawrence,Cory's classmate who ultimately marries him) is voiced in the Japanese dub by Kyohko Hikami who's voiced anime/video game characters such as Momoko Hanasaki,Hinoki Sai,and Nina(BOF games).I've haven't yet heard her significantly when watching anime,but I know she's good anyway...

Yesterday,as I intended to,I made it to Suncoast's Replay Weekend(triple reward points on all purchases) before work.There I nabbed 2 more bilingual Godzilla DVD's(2 of 3 from the second wave of such releases,a third wave is forthcoming),the live action Japanese sci-fi hit Returner,and Gundam F91(the second Gundam installment produced as a theatrical feature)...

My take on the BALCO fiasco:If Jason Giambi,Gary Sheffield,and Turk Wendell were truly smart;they would have kept their mouths shut about Barry Bonds while they were still ahead.Though I'm not positively saying that the Giants slugger(who I share a birthday with though he's 12 years older) is completely innocent;I can say that the 2 New York Damn Yankees teammates are far more guiltier of wrongdoing than he is.As for the Rockies reliever who was once teammates with the now undisputed single-season home-run king,I wouldn't doubt it if that journeyman pitcher used steroids even though he wasn't directly implicated...

Finally,speaking of baseball;wouldn't it have been more appropriate if the former Montréal Expos franchise been renamed the Washington Traitors,instead of the Nationals?

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