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A blessing in disguise?!

Well,I've recently place losing bids(the most I was willing to pay including shipping was $100 in all cases)in several Nintendo DS auctions on eBay,but one of them turned out to be a close call:The seller on one of the listings somehow ran afoul of eBay regulations;and in consequence,had his account suspended and any ongoing listings removed.Normally,I wouldn't have sympathy for anyone who snipes me in an eBay auction;but it very possible that the "asking" price for that possible "phantom" item may have exceeded $200...

Speaking of games,I had to urge to grab the GBA remake of the first 2 Final Fantasy games(it may have been Circuit City's last copy in stock when I bought it)and their strategy guide before work yesterday.So far,so good.If only any Dragon Quest/Warrior games ever get domestic GBA reissues...

Congatulations to the local CBS outlet on getting liberated by that network's parent from a lame @$$ media company that may be ruining local news...

For some reason,the new anime OVA Netran Mono looks very interesting...

Finally,I'll be sure to get some more bilingual Godzilla DVD's this Replay Weekend...
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