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It could actually happen...

I've suddenly had the urge to monitor 20 eBay auctions for Nintendo DS systems which feature no-reserve bidding,low($10 or less)starting prices,and zero bids.Of course,if one bid is placed in any of the given auctions,I'll just delete(from my watch list)the relevant auction(s).One of systems even comes with a Super Mario 64 game!

Speaking of video games,if there was only a way to reach the Cheese Bridge secret exit in Super Mario World...

Well,I managed grab a copy of the Jubei-chan:The Ninja Girl Complete Collection DVD set on eBay(via Buy It Now).At one point,I suspected that it was an out of print limited edition,but Amazon.com has it in stock...

Finally,I've abandoned my @lycos.com e-mail addy.It was once reliable,but has become spam-ridden in the past year or two.I last logged into my account well over a month ago,and they now automatically delete accounts inactive for over a month.Once the comp's performance problems are solved,I'll be able to update my site again,particularly the contact-info page at least.Somehow,I gotta update my online DVD list...
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