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Fancy Lala:finished,at last...

Yesterday,armed with a Reward Zone certificate and some "bucks" from the most recent Monopoly at McDonald's promotion(all due to expire next month),I made it over to Best Buy before work yesterday.I considered getting the new Nintendo DS,but the Super Mario 64 remake was out of stock already.I nearly bought one of a few casino-oriented games for the GBA,but a trip to the anime DVD aisle changed that:Not only was Blue Remains(a 2000 CGI-animation film starring Kappei-sama and other seiyuu) in stock,but so was the Fancy Lala Perfect Collection(all 6 region 1 DVD's in a fat keepcase).I ended up getting both DVD titles,since the keepcase for the latter was quite a bit thinner than the 6 individual DVD's that I already own.After getting home from work today(and just before dinner),I finished the series by watching the last individual DVD that I bought last year,but hadn't opened until now.The reason is because used music/movies stores must sell traded-in items as used,even if they're in like-new/unopened condition.Yes,I'm keeping the space-saving series set and plan to expend the space-consuming individual DVD's(as I did for Mahou Tsukai Tai previously)after the holidays(when I'll likely have more time on my hands).If only I could find the Jubei-chan The Ninja Girl Perfect Collection that's been out for at least a year..

As for the series itself,I won't spoil anything other than saying that it was a decent series with decent seiyuu casting...
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