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If only the batteries in my headset radio went out after work last night...

Last night,after leaving work,I turned on my headset radio and set the dial to Sports 1140 KHTK to catch the Kings Postgame Party Train.They had just beaten the visiting Memphis Grizzlies when I was still at work.However,once I got home,the topic of discussion(for the moment)shifted to an apparent basketbrawl in the Indiana-Detroit game that in which Pacers teammates Ron Artest and Jermaine O'Neal(not against each other)were involved in.I then turned on the TV and put it on ESPNEWS;and as it turned out,the term "basketbrawl" was an understatement.I've seen on-field/ice/hardwood brawls before on TV;and have been actually been at a couple sporting events that had bench-clearing brawls(a 1994 Expos-Giants game in Frisco as well as a 1995 roller-hockey game at Arco Arena which is the Kings' home court).However,the flagrantly disorderly misconduct by both the players and fans alike was blatantly disheartening;and IMHO,there were no winners last night.Even now,I'm still shaken:Veteran sportscaster Jim Gray was obviously close to being in tears as he was reporting from the scene hours later.Unless he's a true nutcase,even Dennis Rodman would be shocked by last night's events at the Palace of Auburn Hills.If the Pistons end up cancelling the subscriptions of many season-ticket holders in connection with perhaps the ugliest incident in the history of organized American pro sports,I wouldn't doubt it(Yes,I did watch that fateful 1995 Chargers/Giants NFL regular season game on TV that involved the snowball incident.).This has to be uglier than those infamous misdeeds committed by Chicago(incidents on Cubs and White Sox games in recent years)and Philadelphia(booing Santa Clause and cheering when Michael Irvin suffered his career-ending spine injury)sports fans combined.Thank goodness for living in a place like Sacramento which perhaps has the most loyal(and best-behaved) fans in the NBA...

Well,I beat Super Mario Brothers Deluxe a couple of nights ago;but afterwards,I still couldn't access The Lost Levels.As it turned out,the the Wikipedia article was incorrect:According to an online FAQ/Walkthrough,the Lost Levels(a.k.a. Super Mario Brothers for Super Players)can be "unlocked" by beating the default high score(300,000 for Luigi).Yesterday,I did it on the third attempt.When you do it,The Lost Levels can be accessed by selecting the Luigi icon on the menu screen.As for the Lost Levels themselves,if you play smart,you're more likely to lose lives from falling into bottomless abysses than from touching a "Stupor Mushroom"(poison mushroom).Unfortunately,there do seem to be long gaps...

Speaking of my GBA,I bought a Game Boy Advance Video cartridge with the Pokémon episodes Go West Young Meowth and Beach Blank-out Blastoise.I've yet to try out that feature,but the latter episode does feature Jigglypuff...

Finally,since it's already tomorrow in Japan,happy birthday to Maria Kawamura(who turns 43 and voiced Sakurako Miyagawa in Ayane's High Kick) and Yuriko Yamaguchi(who turns 39 and has voiced characters such as Ritsuko Akagi in Shin Seiki Evangelion,Nico Robin in One Piece,Fuutie Li in the first Card Captor Sakura movie,Wonder Okayama in Fancy Lala,Paulette in Noir,and others)...
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