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I just may beat the game...

In Super Mario Brothers Deluxe,it's 28 levels down and 4 to go.The Lost Levels are within my grasp;and when I get there,hopefully the infamous poison mushrooms are easy to distinguish from the super and 1-up ones...

OTOH,is it just me,or is this year's Kings team already reminding me of the infamous 1990-1991 squad that went 1-40 away from Arco Arena?Hopefully,the team won't have any "retro jersey" games this season...

Also,since it's already tomorrow in Japan;happy 36th birthday to Aya Hisakawa who has voiced anime characters including(but not limited to)Sailor Mercury,Miki Kaoru,Yuki Sohma,Tarta,Kero-chan,Anne Anzai,and Yohko Mano.Speaking of Mamono Hunter Yohko;maybe it's because of episode 1,but am I the only one who thinks that she could be married to Kappei-sama(that is,if The Great One was actually married to another seiyuu)?
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