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I haven't bit¢hed about it lately,but...

Even after my sister cleaned out the temporary internet files,the comp still continues to crash frequently...

Anyway,it turns out that the strategy guide for 007:Everything or Nothing reflects the console(PS2,X-Box,GC)versions and not the GBA version that I own.In fact,the latter version seems to be scaled down quite a bit from the console versions.As for the game itself,the first level(escaping a time-bomb laced stronghold)was simple.However,the second level(Cairo Casino)is another story.I've already infiltrated the casino and participated in the "private" bacarrat game,but if there was only a way to defeat Yayakov while driving defensively and holding off his henchmen at the same time...

Also,it turns out that Super Mario Brothers Deluxe for the GBA does include the reverse-laced Lost Levels(also available on Super Mario All-Stars for the Super NES);it's just that they aren't accessible until you beat the original 32 levels...

Finally,if only I knew of any domestic(intended for North American and Latin American markets)GBA games with a Japanese voices option(007:Everything or Nothing and FIFA 2005 have European language options.)...

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