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The gods must be crazy(part 1 of ∞)

Never mind the election.For the first time in ages,my 49ers and my Kings are simultaneously off to horrendous starts.Of course,the NHL lockout threatens the 2004-2005 season of my Canadiens.At least my Raiders won for the first time overall since Week 3...

On the portable video gaming front,I've snatched up two more GBA games:

First,it took a rare trip to Toys-R-Us;but I finally managed to find the barely released,but elusive,GBA version of FIFA 2005.This world-oriented soccer simulation features over 200 teams from 18 leagues around the world(including MLS,Mexico's FMF,the Brazilian league,the K(orean)-League,and over a dozen European leagues),select teams from other countries,and over 20 national teams.The one big debit:No licenses from either the Japan's J-League or the Japanese national team.As for the game itself,it's actually kind of fun choosing from nearly 300 total teams.The GBA-controlled teams always seem to have a possession edge,but I'm actually getting the hang of having better ability to score more than I do in NHL 2002,All-Star Baseball 2003 featuring Derek Jeter,or Madden 2005...

Second,I ultimately managed to grab both 007:Everything or Nothing and its strategy guide at Game Stop after work today.I've yet to actually test the game,but it looks a lot more interesting than other RPG's that I've seen for the GBA.It actually even has voice acting by the main 007 actors from the most recent installments of the saga as well as others(though I've never really listened to Mya as a singer).Does anyone know what Misaki Itou(who voices a supporting character that may be exclusive to the game)has done?

If only there was a Dragon Warrior advance or Dragon Quest advance(for the GBA)...

Finally,speaking of voice acting,I've found out by accident that Media Blasters' region 1 DVD release of the classic Giant Robo even features audio commentary by main Japanese voice cast members Kappei Yamaguchi(-sama) and Sumi Shimamoto who are the respective Japanese voices of Daisaku Kusama and Gin Rei.If it's already out,I'll definitely want to get into this...

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