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Somehow,I've never really cared for the LJ-cut...

Thursday,the stockbook I ordered via eBay over 2 months ago finally arrived.The listing for this item said "allow 2-4 weeks for delivery" as the seller utilized snail-slow parcel post.However,as 2 months elapsed,I still hadn't received it;so I notified the seller(based in Canada).They(it was a stamp shop)said it should have already arrived in about half of the time even with parcel post,but also said that they would send another via air mail;and I ultimately received it 7-10 days after the reply.Since it was an actual store that had multiple in stock,they had a good escape plan whenever the post(in this case either USPS or Canada Post)screws up...

Yesterday,before work(which is temporarily chaos because of sudden store management changes),I bought 2 GBA games at Gamestop:Pac-Man and Ultimate Card Games.I tried out both when I got home,and the latter game(11 classic card games,15 solitare variants,and 5 video poker variants)is especially absorbing.I almost bought 007:Everything or Nothing as well,since the strategy guide was also in stock and I follow James Bond on the side...

Today(before work),I made my intended stop at Suncoast.Since both volumes of Mouse were in stock,I nabbed both of them.This has to be one of the most underrated anime series that Kappei-sama has starred in.Additionally,I found(and bought a copy of)newly released volume 6 of Girl Got Game at Waldenbooks.Finally,I went to Suncoast sister store Sam Goody;where I nabbed a Donna Summer greatest hits collection(I must appreciate 70's and 80's music more than most people my age or younger...^^;;;),another GBA game(F1 2002 which is a Formula 1 racing simulation),and some GBA game holders.After getting home from work,I tried the game racing on Japan's Suzuka circuit;and it's very easy to spin out...

Lastly,while I don't follow yaoi;it's good to hear that Kappei-sama has at least one new anime voice role down the pipeline,as the game/drama Sukisho will become an anime early next year utilizing the same voice cast as the video/computer game and audio drama...

(P.S.:Thank goodness for Daylight Saving Time ending overnight,as I never seem to get enough sleep...)

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