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Replay ramblings...

Last weekend was a Replay Weekend.Taking advantage,I dropped by Suncoast;and while there,I bought an "Anime Freak" T-shirt and a bilingual Godzilla DVD that I didn't have yet...or so I thought.Recently,3 classic Godzilla flicks from the 1970's were released onto dual-language region 1 DVD for the first time.I grabbed a copy of Godzilla,Mothra,and King Ghidorah:Giant Monsters All-Out Attack,as the store staff thought it was one of the recent ones.I took their word for it;but as I headed for work afterwords,I began to suspect something wasn't right.Sure enough,when I got home,it turned out that I already had a copy. ^^;;; It was actually from the first wave of bilingual Godzilla DVD releases from a year ago;and considering that Suncoast carries tons of movies,even store staff can't be expected to remember everything perfectly.So yesterday,I went to go exchange it for something of equal value.Of course,deciding what to switch it for was tricky:Not only were each of the 3 recent bilingual Godzilla DVD releases in stock(don't remember the titles off-hand),but also,both volumes of the Mouse anime were also in stock(the first volume had been out of stock the first time).I ultimately settled on Dead Leaves,which looks interesting.The seiyuu cast is obviously great;as it features the voices of Kappei-sama,Takako Honda(whom I've never heard of),Yuuko Mizutani,Mitsuo Iwata,Kiyoyuki Yanada,Nobuo Tobita,Wataru Takagi,and others.I'll still want to get into Mouse eventually;as it features The Great One,Kikuko Inoue,and lots of younger seiyuu.Besides,contrary to popular belief,it can't be any worse than a certain woeful Satoshi Urushihara/Kinji Yoshimoto concoction recently re-released by ADV to kick off their low-priced Anime Essentials line...

Speaking of Kappei-sama,hopefully the version of Papuwa recently licensed by ADV is the version that aired on TV Tokyo last year.Right off of the bat,this Chappy sounds better...

On a low note,Japan was hit by its worst earthquake since the 1995 Kansai Temblor over the weekend.Though not too densely populated,Niigata prefecture is the birth home of some well known animanga industry personnel,such as manga-ka Rumiko Takahashi and seiyuu Akiko Yajima...
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