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Faster than anyone can say "Boston Dead Sox..."

Congratulations to the New York Damn Yankees on pulling off one of the biggest chokes in pro sports history.Additionally,congrats to the Red Sox on winning the 2004 American League pennant by becoming the first ever team in MLB history to come back from a 3 games to none series deficit to win a 7-game playoff series.The Sports Illustrated jinx is now complete,as they projected a Cubs-Yankees World Series...

Well,with the help of a couple discounts(one as my sister has a Preferred Reader card),I did ultimately get that plush Mokona at Waldenbooks...

BTW,did I almost forget to mention that though it's running a little slow,the comp hasn't crashed even once since I turned it on over 4 hours ago?
Tags: baseball, computing, mahou kishi rayearth
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