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Now,it's having trouble during "maintenance" tasks...

This morning,after breakfast and before taking a bath,I turned on the computer started a thorough ScanDisk scan.After my bath(actually,shower)and before leaving for work(for a noon-5:15 PM shift),I went to turn on the monitor and check the progress,but the screen wouldn't come on.I then rebooted the comp and started a new thorough scan.I then told my half-asleep sister to check on it and then left to begin my hour-long journey through the web otherwise known as Sacramento's public transit system.About 20 minutes before starting my shift,when at Wendy's to grab a snack of 5 chicken nuggets(on their dollar menu),I then called home to ask my sister how the scan was doing.I was then dejected to hear that it pulled that same stunt again,but she was going to try to start yet another new scan before going out with her friends.Once I got home from work(after a pair of bus rides the opposite direction),I went to check if it was completed;and this time,it worked but with no errors found.I immediately attempted a disk-defrag;but when it was doing it,the virus scan began running(since it's scheduled/configured to do it around 8 every night),so it got disrupted.Then shortly afterwards,I got a couple blue error screens;and then the monitor turned completely black except for some green lines near the top.I then rebooted it again;but haven't yet reattempted a new disk defrag.So far,though,it hasn't been crashing repeatedly like it did the past 2 days...

And yes,I did win Masami Okui's S-mode #2;and the surprising thing about it was that I wasn't contested...
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