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At least the comp can't crash when I'm typing...

After I get up and before I go to work tomorrow,I'm gonna start a thorough ScanDisk scan;as my comp's been crashing too many times the past couple days,sometimes as soon as it (re-)boots up...

With upcoming voice role turnover all but a certainty(thanks to Inu-Yasha,Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon,and DearS all having ended and the ongoing Galaxy Express 999 side-story spinoff over halfway through its 13-episode limited run),hopefully 山口勝平-sama won't have to star alongside 渕崎ゆり子 in any of his replacement voice projects.Again,if you haven't seen Plastic Little,please don't.

On a brighter note,though it may sound to good to be true,no one has attempted to pry away s-Mode #2(a recent Masami Okui album that appears to be a "best-of" compilation)from my grasp,as less than 15 hours remain in the bidding.Usually,in past eBay auctions for her CD albums,at least one rival bidder has tried to chip away at my bid early...
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