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I'm happy with the service provider,but...

One of these days,I'm gonna eventually switch to a flip phone.That combination hands-free device/FM radio hardly ever works;and though my other hands-free device still works fine,there's no guarantee it will last forever.In either case,the clothing clip/hook on both of my cell phone earpieces don't always stay on.With a flip phone,I probably won't always need to use a headset;since when unfolded,it'll be a bit larger than the K7 Rave I currenly use.In fact,Virgin Mobile now offers 3 different flip phones,one of them a camera phone!The limited warranty on my current phone expires in January,but I might not wait that long...

I'm now making more money than I've ever made in the past,yet I've so far been reluctant to get that plush Mokona sold at Waldenbooks because of the ridiculous $27 price tag.Even the plush Menchi(same size)was a value at just $15...
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