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Occasionally,the best things in life are truly free...

Yesterday,before work,I was browsing at the Gamestop inside Sunrise Mall.There,something caught my eye:an unused copy of NHL 2002(from EA Sports)for Game Boy Advance.I then asked the store staff if there was an edition that was more recent.After trying looking it up in the chain's game database;they told me that the GBA version was discontinued after that year due to poor sales(new editions continue to be made for the console systems and for PC).I left for a while and browsed other mall shops for other items.Then,as I was just about to leave the mall;I thought 'what the heck,'and returned to Gamestop to buy the game.There,I was in for some strange shocks:The item wasn't coming up in their computer when they tried to ring it up.They then tried to find it in the register lookup and tried entering the SKU manually.Even then,there was no trace of the game in the corporate database.Finally,store staff had determined that the game had been zeroed out(marked down to zero price)by the manufacturer as "worthless" and was supposed to have been recalled,junked,and/or destroyed;and offered it to me at no cost with an in-store purchase.I took advantage of the "manager's offer" and purchased a licensed-by-Nintendo SMB Know Your Mushrooms wristband.On the wristband,two of the four mushrooms depicted were obvious(the 1-up,the purple poison mushroom with a skull),but the other two(one was obviously the Super Mushroom,the other was similar with yellow spots)seemed alike to some extent...

On the game itself,it works fine.If I can only win a game(In 2 test games,the Colorado Traitors(formerly the Québec Nordiques) beat the San Jose Sharks 9-3;while my Canadiens were dumped by ArmPittsburgh 6-2.)...

Finally,they must deliver Express Mail 365(or 366)days a year,because my G-Gundam double CD,Gundam Fight round 1 & 2 (KICA-207~8) came today,on Columbus Day,no less!

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