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SMB advance ramblings...

Today,I was opening cashier,but ended up being there the whole time until 3 hours before closing(11 hours including lunch and breaks).Hopefully,I won't catch whatever bug that has zapped two other cashiers...

Well,I finally tested that Game Boy Advance e-Reader that I've had for the last month or two.The "other" GBA that I have is one that I bought as soon as it came out(not an SP).When I began the tests,I had communication problems between the 2 GBA's.Ditto when I swapped the cartridge and e-Reader between GBA's.Then,I suspected that I may have hooked it up incorrectly.I then reversed the game link cable connections between the GBA's,;and sure enough,it finally worked.I then played(and beat)2 e-Card levels for Super Mario Advance 4:Super Mario Brothers 3:Wild Ride in the Sky(complementary with the purchase of the game cartridge)and World 1-1 from the original SMB adventure.

Update on Super Mario Advance 2:Super Mario World:I uncovered the secret worlds in the Donut Plains,but if there was only a way to beat The Big Boo in the secret ghost house.Additionally,I forgot to mention that I don't know how to make the Butter Bridge appear...

Yes,I did win that G-Gundam double CD...

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