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Further proof that J-culture and its sub-branches have infiltrated mainstream society...

Now,even ramune soda has made its way into BevMo stores.Of course,Pocky has been sold at many chain supermarkets(definitely at Ralphs and UnSafeway,possibly at Albertsons as well)for over a decade at least,before the big mid-90's anime invasion wave.Sooner or later,I'm gonna have to eventually nab that plush Mokona sold at Waldenbooks...

BTW,I've just placed the opening bid on a G-Gundam double-CD with Kappei-sama...

Additionally,congratulations to Ichiro Suzuki on breaking the major-league record for most base hits in a season...
Tags: anime, baseball, ebay, gundam, j-sports, japanese snacks, mahou kishi rayearth, seiyuu, supermarkets
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