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Gradually becoming a J-whore

The auction for the shipped-directly-from-Japan copy of Twinbee Paradise 2 Nesshou Gekishou Bakushou Hen(Konami KICA-7652)just ended(and was purchased)this past Sunday night,and it already arrived this morning.I just listened to it,and Kappei-sama sang on the first 2(of 10 total)tracks:The opening track was by all of the main Twinbee cast("Donburi All Stars"),the second a solo by Light-sama(Kappei-sama's character).BTW,even though Rebirth hasn't come yet,I'm already bidding on a copy of Masami Okui's debut album,Gyuu...

Well,it turns out that I misread internet descriptions for Super Mario Brothers Deluxe for Game Boy Color which I got in the mail yesterday:the so called "Lost Levels" are not the same as Super Mario Brothers:The Lost Levels that is part of Super Mario All Stars for the Super NES.SMB2:TLL is available for Game Boy Advance,but only in Japan where it's called Super Mario Brothers 2(The U.S. SMB2 is called Super Mario Brothers USA in Japan.)...^^;;;

Finally,since it's already September 25th in Japan,happy 40th birthday to Kikuko Inoue;the voice behind Kasumi Tendou,Belldandy,Mizuho,Tatora,and many others.Too bad Kappei-sama beat Kikuko-san to first time parenthood by a few years,because they've been together in a lot of anime and other voice-acting projects...
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