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No eBay "double jeopardy" here...

Well,I won that "re-auctioned" Twinbee Paradise music CD,this time uncontested.However,that Masami Okui CD has drawn attention from other fans and at least one such fan has partially eroded my strong bid.Additionally,I've read that she's set up her own record label,but she's still maintains a limited affiliation with StarChild(i.e.,her r.o.r./s collaberation with Chihiro Yonekura).

Well,I recently grabbed a copy of Super Mario Advance 2:Super Mario World,the Game Boy Advance remake of Mario's first Super NES adventure.One advantage is that you can replay previously cleared levels,especially if you have trouble staying alive in later worlds...

On the NFL front:It was a painful choke by the 49ers yesterday,but at least the Raiders are in the win column...
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