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I thought I was never going to clear World 6-5 in Super Mario Brothers 3:To clear that stage,you have to fly up to the goal as Raccoon Mario and carry a Koopa shell at the same time to clear blockage.Even the World 6 airship was no sweat compared to that.Speaking of the SMB games,I might try to obtain a copy of Super Mario Brothers Deluxe which was released for Game Boy Color a few years back.In addition to a graphics-enhanced version of the original SMB adventure,it even includes Super Mario Brothers:The Lost Levels(made infamous by reverse warp zones and poison mushrooms)which was previously available on Super Mario All Stars for the Super NES.Chances are,at least a few eBay listed copies have a "Buy It Now" option,some even with instructions...

Well,in all the recent instances(in my lifetime)in which baseball players have gone into the stands to take matters with obnoxious fans into their own hands(more specific than instances in which fans have gone into the field of play to attack players),one of the few times in which I've sided with the players' reaction is in the 2000 Wrigley Field cap-theft;and I don't like either the Dodgers or Cubs...

If either the 49ers or Raiders get in the win column before Kings training camp starts,I'll put the relevant football team faceplate on my KE-433 Rave...

Well,yet another seiyuu marriage gossip thread has surfaced in seiyuu.Since the somewhat traitrous Hiromi Tsuru can't be married to The Great One,my take is this:If Kappei-sama is married to another seiyuu;it would have to be either one of the several seiyuu mentioned in this old speculation post of mine or Chisa Yokoyama(who he co-hosts a radio show with).Otherwise,he's probably married to someone who has never been a seiyuu.Of course,there is a Kappei-sama marriage scenario that I hope isn't the case with him(which I prefer to leave readers stumped on)...
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