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randomely snatched from memegen.deskslave.org

What Annoying Anime Character Will you Kill and How by dragon13356
Hair color
character you killLoaxander of Drunken Logs
date you kill themAugust 13, 2619
murder weaponflamethrower
accomplice (partner)Kira of Gundam Seed
Quiz created with MemeGen!

To tell you the truth,I've never heard of Drunken Logs...

Well,at this rate,troubled domestic manga translator/publisher Studio Ironcat has a good chance of going belly-up before Code Name wa Charmer domestic GN's #3 and #4 are ever released.OTOH,if Yuuji-sama and Naomi-kun do hook up at the end,then I'd seriously hope that I'm the only one to both read the manga and have listened to the audio drama because that pairing is just wrong...

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