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When transit is riskier then casino gambling...

So far(according to first hand experience),it seems that the recent schedule changes is causing city buses to run behind schedule more often.Tuesday,I made it to work with just several minutes to spare;and today(an off day),both buses that I was on seemed to be running 10-15 minutes late when I boarded them.Good thing they released an updated edition of the schedule books which is normally only published in January and in June...

BTW,when shopping at Suncoast over the weekend ,I noticed that they had DVD #1 of Meitantai Conan on sale for $14.99(normally $19.99);but to me,3 episodes per disc for a long series is a rip-off...

Though I haven't seen it,my take on LEGENDZ - Yomigaeru Ryuo Densetsu is this:As long as it's licensed in North America only by 4Kids,Nelvana,or a distributor that will similarly "domesticate" it without making a subbed version available(or never brought to this side of the Pacific at all),all is well with the world...
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