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Well,it's already a crapshoot as it is...

...but over the weekend,using public transit in Sacro became an even bigger crapshoot than guessing someone's weight in a carnival:A new California law requiring meal breaks for public transit operators triggered major schedule changes affecting light rail and nearly every local bus route(reduced off-peak weekday frequencies on some routes,significant time shifts by as much as 15 minutes on many routes on both weekdays and weekends).It had me guessing yesterday because I hadn't time to memorize the new route schedules;and even when I was able to refer to the new schedules befor leaving for work,both buses that I had to take still managed to run behind schedule(I still managed to make it on time.).My first brush with the adjusted weekday schedules comes in some 13-14 hours.So far,my flexibility has been partially compromised(ability to make side trips on the way to work);but fortunately,one alternate route that I'll occasionally take(serving the neighborhood on the opposite side of the railroad tracks,reachable by a grade separation overpass)did not undergo any schedule changes this weekend.Hopefully,there won't be any long term side effects...

My take on next year's upcoming TV incarnation of Aa!Megamisama:As long as Masami Kikuchi(voice of Keiichi Morisato),Kikuko Inoue(Belldandy),Aya Hisakawa(Skuld),and Yumi Touma(Urd) are the only returning Japanese voice cast members;all is well with the world.Yes,I watched the movie and OVA(subbed,of course)before my unfortunate experience with a certain woeful fanservice orgy in which Kappei-sama got a raw deal...
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